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Food, drugs, fresh water shortages if ‘No-deal’ Brexit warns UK secret memo

Secret British government papers advised the United Kingdom of severe disruptions if the UK leaves the EU on Oct. 31, according to a study, without a trade agreement.

The newspaper Sunday Times reported what the British government is expecting from a rapid “no-deal” Brexit. Among the more severe: “important” drug and drug production disruptions, decreases in new meat supplies and even prospective losses in freshwater are owing to probable interruptions in exported chemicals for water therapy.

Although scholars and economists have soon flown the horrific situations allegedly described in free papers, they have been continuously rejected as scaremongering by supporters from Brexit.

British President Boris Johnson has said that he is prepared to quit the EU irrespective of his successor Theresa May’s ability to renegotiate the Brexit agreement with Brussels. His representatives have advised, however, that, with no-deal Brexit, the share of law compliance information and the safety of the critical financial services industry in Britain may be jeopardised following 31 Oct.

The Times papers also cited authorities as saying that 85% of all vehicles at that day’s critical junction of the English Channel would not be prepared for French authorities, resulting in rows that might span several days. About 75% of all drogues that come in the UK, alerted by passing memorandums “rendering them especially susceptible to serious errors.” The authorities foresee “critical aspects” of the meat production system being impacted, which would “decrease accessibility and choices, and boost prices that would influence susceptible populations.”

However, the papers labelled “scheduling expectations” indicate a “foundation situation” rather than a “worst case.” The Times cited an unidentified informant from the Cabinet Office that the memoranda were only reasonable reviews.

Another indication that no-deal must be prevented was the Labor Party of the resistance, which is attempting to stop Brexit and organise a state of national solidarity.

“It seems to me that what we’ve seen is a hard-headed truth evaluation that shows in powerful words what the calamitous result of a Brexit no-deal would imply for the United Kingdom,” legislator Nick Thomas-Symonds informed Sky News. “This is how the state is moving no-deal scheduling forward.” Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany has said that the nation is prepared to go to Brexit even without payment to ease the change.

Merkel said Sunday during the opening ceremony of the Berlin Chancellery she “would attempt all I can to discover alternatives,” and that “I think it would be easier to quit without consensus.” She replied, “If it were, we should also be ready for that possibility.”

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